Pouches & sachets

Cartoning pouches from a single pouch making machine

When pouches need to be collated and subsequently placed in a carton with standard speed and flexibility, a single flex count unit in combination with an intermittent cartoner could be the most suitable solution. Molins Langen has created standards for cartoning pouches either horizontally or vertically stacked, before being pushed into the carton.

Vertical stacking
Molins Langen developed an easy scalable standard solution for pouches stacked vertically.  The MARIN™ + flexcount system (paddle conveyor) is able to handle pouches from 4 lanes and 100 strokes per minute. The pouches are collated and packed with 10-25 pouches per carton with a maximum of 40 cartons per minute. 

Horizontal stacking
For 1-15 pouches per carton, Molins Langen developed the MARIN™ with pouch infeed "flat". This solution can handle up to 60 cartons per minute.

Cartoning pouches from multiple pouch making machines

When pouches are coming from 2 or 3 pouch making machines and need to be collated and subsequently placed in a carton with high speed, a double or tripple bomb-bay system with a continious cartoner could be the most suitable solutution.


Case packing of chains or strings of pouches

Chain packs are strips of bags or pouches, often used for food, confectionery and household products with perforations between each bag, enabling them to be sold individually. Currently the majority are hand packed leading to product loss and bad "shelf" appearance. Molins Langen has patent pending systems to zig-zag fold strings leading optimal shelf appearance.

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