Molins Langen has deep roots in both Canada and the Netherlands, together with a heritage of excellence that goes back almost 60 years. Our founding companies specialized in packaging equipment, and we have now evolved into leading providers of advanced packaging equipment and packaging integration.

We are Molins Langen

We are one of the world’s most innovative suppliers of secondary packaging and product handling equipment. Working in partnership with our customers, we enable their brands to stand out:

  • On the shelf, through high quality, effective and eye-catching packaging
  • Through operational efficiency, production flexibility and optimized performance
  • In applications, by delivering advanced solutions for a wide range of packaging needs

We are part of Molins PLC, an international specialist technology and services group, providing high performance instrumentation, machinery and analytical services.


Langen Group become Molins Langen.


Molins have combined our businesses to take advantage of the advanced technical capabilities, cross-industry knowledge and skills currently in each of the existing businesses.
We are creating one global brand providing local, integrated, high speed processing, packaging and instrumentation solutions to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, food & beverage and nicotine delivery market sectors.
With an extensive network of scientists and engineers on every continent of the world, providing local maintenance and lifetime support. So now we have easier access to dedicated engineers to support you.


To support further global growth the business changes its name to Langen Group. A new corporate style has been launched in line with other Molins PLC businesses.


Langen Packaging Group expands its global presence by opening offices in Singapore and Bangkok. 


Langen Packaging Group is created to bring together the businesses of Langenpac B.V. and Langen Packaging Inc.


Successful introduction of the high speed 5-head rotary feeder after subsequently introducing the 3-head rotary feeder in 1995, and rotary feeder in 1976.


Molins PLC acquires Langen Packaging Inc. (Canada) and Langenpac B.V. (The Netherlands).


Introduction of the first robotic secondary packaging system.


Langenpac NV is founded in Wijchen, The Netherlands.


Introduction of the B1-M™. The first manual load cartoning machine. Since 1958 the B1-M™ has evolved to the latest technology standards but is still one of the best-selling machines in the Langen Group.


 H.J. Langen & Sons is founded in Toronto, Canada.