Molins Langen demonstrated its new hand-held, OCT Optical Crease Tester at PackExpo International in November 2014 and was greatly received.


The OCT measures and records dimensions, angles, and symmetry of carton crease, bead and formed box.  It quickly assesses the multi-layer construction of all types of printed or non-printed carton board, paperboard and waxed carton product. The system also has the ability to test complex embossing and multi-folded corners.


Utilising a full HD handheld camera, the OCT is connected to a laptop via a simple USB cable and is intuitive and easy to use. The system comes pre-programmed with analysis and reporting software.


Available in two versions; the OCT provides simple measurement for quality control with results in PDF format.  The Enhanced OCT is ideal for use in production and incorporates sophisticated measurement software for coordinating the various matrices that influence carton quality. After assessment is complete, certification can be printed for quality assurance purposes.


The Molins Langen OCT hand-held Optical Crease Tester quickly assesses the multi-layer construction of all types of carton board.

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