Langen Group announces the MARIN™

Date: 30/09/14
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MARIN™ intermittent cartoner from Langen Group represents a new avenue for the packaging industry. It is designed to provide a range of advanced packaging solutions in one compact product. 

  • MARIN™ contains all of the 7 recognised key principles for hygienic secondary packaging, and these all come as standard. That makes it easy for manufacturers to meet increasingly tough hygiene regulations at lower cost.
  • MARIN™ is designed for 1:1 solutions, fitting directly onto a single primary packaging machine, which can be stick packer, pouch maker, bagger and flow wrapper, reducing the need for changeovers and increasing process efficiency.
  • MARIN™ has an exceptionally small footprint, fitting in with existing equipment more easily. It has stainless steel construction and is available with short delivery times.
  • MARIN™ is a high performance machine, capable of packing more than 800 sticks per minute (with stick infeed), or 400 pouches per minute, loaded vertically and horizontally, starting from 30 to 60 cartons per minute.

MARIN™ is just the latest innovation in packaging technology from an acknowledged leader in developing new concepts for driving greater process efficiency for manufacturers. With stick infeed it is fully aligned with the needs of stick manufacturers, designed with the insights gained from long-term collaborations with customers, building on the more than 50 existing lines Langen Group has already provided.

MARIN - Front
MARIN™ will be shown for the first time at PACK EXPO in Chicago between November 2-5 demonstrating its outstanding combination of:

  • Operational efficiency, quiet operations and outstanding end product quality.
  • Advanced hygiene features, including reduced horizontal surfaces, easy machine access for faster cleaning, design that reduces build-up of water, dust and bacteria.
  • Reliability and speed, based on fewer components and quick change features, including a new and highly efficient carton magazine design.

This combination of innovative design and operational reliability is a breakthrough that will benefit manufacturers in many sectors, and is typical of the way that Langen Group pushes the boundaries of secondary packaging for the future.

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