Langen Group announces the MARIN™

Langen Group announces a breakthrough in intermittent hygienic packaging equipment. Langen Group's MARIN™ Cartoner delivers a unique combination of quality, small footprint and hygienic features.

Langen Group releases NEW VENTO™

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Cartoner with unique combination of hygienic features, speed, and highest end-product quality.

Today Langen Group, of Wijchen, the Netherlands and Mississauga, Canada announces the launch of a true breakthrough in hygienic packaging machines: the new VENTO™. The VENTO™ has been developed to answer an urgent and rapidly growing need within several different market sectors for a cartoner that meets or exceeds all current standards of speed and reliability, while also conforming with increasingly rigid hygiene requirements.

The new VENTO™ has been developed as the outcome of in-depth development work that included input from companies and industry bodies covering the food, healthcare, and consumer goods sectors. Langen Group is convinced that outstanding hygienic performance, not just in primary but in secondary packaging will be a basic requirement in key market segments going forward. To help manufacturers reach higher levels of operational efficiency without compromising their own hygiene standards, they need secondary packaging machines that can be safely integrated in a single, highly efficient value chain.

The new VENTO™ does exactly that, delivering a unique combination of speed, footprint and specially designed hygiene features. Our new generation machine will deal with a throughput of 500 cartons per minute, with 5-head rotary feeder for maximum speed, variety of infeed systems, automatic carton loader, tuck-in flap closer and confiner. The real difference, however, lies in the basic design, where hygiene is not an afterthought but is built-in at the most fundamental level. The new VENTO™ is designed with reduced flat services, fewer hollow bodies and many easy cleaning features, as well. With touch screen controls for ease of use, the result is totally reliable hygienic performance with world-class efficiency, as well.

The new VENTO™ delivers:

  • Exceptional productivity
  • Speed, efficiency and quiet operations
  • Extended carton magazine and quick change features
  • Easy machine access; faster cleaning
  • Reduced horizontal surfaces
  • Fewer components
  • And is designed to prevent build-up of water, dust and bacteria.

From now on manufacturers can ensure compliance, achieve improved efficiency and boost the overall productivity of their plants, thanks to the added value brought by the new VENTO™ from Langen Group.

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