Retrofits & upgrades

Modernizing or rebuilding your machinery can create great value. Our packaging systems have a reputation for providing many years of reliable service in some cases 20 years or more. As technology improves, standards change and your own packaging needs may change. Modernizing your equipment may provide better value for you than a new machine.

Our upgrade packages include:

  • Installation of components and modifications to meet new safety standards
  • Improvements to machine performance with modern innovations and upgrades
  • Refurbishments of older machines

We also offer rebuild kits that focus on convenience and preventative maintenance. We have identified all the standard parts that are most susceptible to wear and tear and have designed kits that are quick to order, simple to install and which allow you to take a proactive approach to hassle-free continuous operations.


Please click here to download an overview of available upgrades for the Molins Langen cartoners AIR™, CHINOOK™, VENTO™, and BREEZE™.

Some popular upgrades include:

Low level magazine upgrade

The low level magazine's ergonomic design helps reduce operator loading height and reloading time. Furthermore, you also eliminate the need for a step-up platform. This upgrade is available on most versions of the CHINOOK™ and VENTO™.
Low Level Upgrade

5-head rotary feeder upgrade

The newly designed 5-head rotary feeder runs at higher speeds and is equipped with durable and highly flexible plastic mounting plates which will increase your productivity and reliability. This upgrade is available on most versions of the CHINOOK™ and VENTO™.

New Design Rotary